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Probably the best place to showcase your blogging skills here, contributing in– Technology, Software, Business, Gadgets, Gaming, Digital Marketing blog posts, and what not!

You might be here not by chance but by intention to add more value to our site with your guest posts? Well, sounds great! But, before proceeding further, we would like to take through a few guidelines that we expect you to abide by while writing for us or contributing to our site in the field of technology.

Contributing articles not only enhances our website content but more importantly, it helps us acknowledge our readers with valued knowledge, thereby increasing their understanding in different matters a little more than the ordinary. 

You can write for us on technology, software, applications, gadgets, business, SAAS, and much more on admin@gizmocrunch.com

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Write for us anything trending on Technology, SaaS, SaaP, Business, Marketing, Gadgets, Apps, and many more on gizmocrunch.com.

The best part is if you have your own business or e-commerce site and are looking for a mode of branding your products and services, then our page is all yours. 

Benefits of Guest Posting on GizmoCrunch

Boost Brand Awareness: Each guest post that you submit not only adds value to your brand but also the entire community, generally.

Improves Website’s Visibility Cum Authority: We value the time and effort invested in creating every piece of content containing credible data with backlinks that it rightly deserves. As a result of which, it helps both the way you and us in enhancing our website authority and hence, visibility in search engine results.

Perks of Organic Traffic: Posting high quality articles/blogs not only gives a fair share of the link juice but also brings your posts to high attention, for using the trending keywords, to attract more organic traffic. 

Upgrades Your Link Profile Background: Connecting with content writers help you develop a close correspondence with them. This paves the path of communication among yourselves to discover and explore more opportunities of improving your link profile.

What Are Our Writing Genres?

Here are the primary writing categories accepted for this page:

  • Write For Us Technology– Newly launched wearable gadgets, health tracking instruments, latest versions of iOS and Android, our page is open to every such article/guest post/blog post.
  • New Apps or Products Launch: As mentioned earlier, we accept promotional blogs on any new product or app launch. Our readers are always excited to check out new product features/descriptions and so we are to welcome those. 
  • Big Data, VPNs, Cloud, and Security: In the tech world, these are some of the big topics that include so much data in cloud computation, security, and etc. 
  • SAAP and SAAS: These two topics cover a myriad of software applications and products that we believe will be knowledgeable to the readers, if shared.
  • How to Articles:  If you are an expert in writing “how to” guides, then you are most welcome already! This sort of content is always searched by zillion readers across the internet.
  • Write For Us Business: Our page domain is a web based business and so, we understand the significance that  economy plays.
  • Write For Us Digital Marketing: Amidst this pandemic, Internet marketing is doing wonders across the globe. So many new social platforms are budding each day, each month, in the world of online marketing. We love to stay updated and keep our audience  educated about such emerging news,  regularly. We also highly appreciate SEO friendly write-ups, on interesting/latest topics, for our page.  
  • Write For Us Gadgets: Reviewing the newly unboxed gadget/s is also what most readers look for before buying the same. We want to try experimenting our page with posts of varied genres to know how it impacts our readers.
  • Product Reviews: This type of post is highly trending these days as long as it resolves and makes our lives simpler and convenient. We would love to post it on our website.
  • Top “XYZ”: This is another genre that covers a wide range of topics to help dedicated readers with useful tips and tricks. For instance, Top 10 woodworking instruments, Top 5 SEO-friendly tips, etc. 

Technology Write For Us| Guidelines For Guest Posting

To be truthful, we receive a number of guest post requests daily, out of which, we sadly have to decline most of these requests. The fact is simple, we appeal to you to adhere to the guidelines. Hence, do read the following section attentively, so that we can make sure to publish your guest post on Gizmocrunch.com:


  • The minimal word count should be 1000 and of course, free from grammatical mistakes.
  • Your post should be 100% plagiarism-free and authentic.
  • Trending click-worthy title containing 60 characters at most.
  • Ensure value added high authority links in your content.
  • Do not force feed articles with unnecessary keyword optimization.
  • Add at least three high-resolution royalty free images.
  • If your article/blog is accepted, insert 1 to 2 links of your website (if any)
  • Submit your content in Word or Google Doc format (PDFs are not accepted but immediately declined)
  • Must mention “Guest Content” in the Subject line, followed by the content title.


Since we do not post duplicate articles, go through our website thoroughly before picking a topic. Also, you must outline the content flow uniquely.  Lastly, choose a relevant topic to get it accepted  by our page.

How To Submit Your Article?

Contact us at “admin@gizmocrunch.com” ID and mail us some of your content samples to submit a Guest Post on Technology, Software, Business, Digital Marketing, Gadgets, Tech News, Gaming and more on Gizmo Crunch.

We regularly check your mails and immediately revert to the request that fits our search criteria and guideline.  

Also, note that we would be more than happy to connect with pro-bloggers and publishers who, too, are looking for long term association, as we do. 

Working with us will help you understand our content authenticity and unleash the level of reach we have earned just by our domain identity. Our team is constantly working towards upgrading our website standard by publishing more and more updated contents on varied content categories.