About GizmoCrunch

Gizmo Crunch was born out of the love for everything related to gadgets and the technology used in them. We are living in times when there is a new product or a software launch almost everyday. At GizmoCrunch we look forward to sharing our passion with our readers. We shall be covering everything from the latest software launches to the next stint by Elon Musk. 

Our Aim

We are dedicated to always be on our toes and find out the latest and the best news and stories of gadgets and technology.

Our Story

We go back a long way when it comes to sharing technology related stories. Gizmo Crunch was created by 3 friends who shared the same passion and wanted a channel to express whatever information we would come across. Due to continuous efforts, today the brand Gizmo Crunch has been featured in washingtonpost.com, nytimes.com, theatlantic.com and logitech.com. 

We have a huge team now that consists of multiple copywriters, research assistants and passionate tech interns. All of us are constantly looking for the best things to share on the web and continue to improve after listening to feedback from our readers.